Can I become a Shadybrooker?

How do I become a Shadybrooker?

Please send an email to with why you want to join the Shadybrook Family! Please include the following details. (Feel free to cut and paste the following questions with your responses into an email.)

1. List your family members that will use the facilities at Shadybrook. Please provide ages for your children. If needed, write in additional family members.

Adult1: ___________________________ Adult2:__________________________
Child: _________________ Age:______
Child: _________________ Age:______
Child: _________________ Age:______

2. City you reside in _______________ Mobile Phone _____________________________

3. If you own an RV, please indicate:

Year____________ Model___________ Total Length ____________# of slide outs_________
(hitch to bumper)
4. If you do not own an RV, but have been looking for one, indicate the approximate size that would suit your families needs.

5. Are you familiar with Shadybrook Resort? Have you visited the property, and/or stayed overnight?

6. Do you know anyone that is currently a Shadybrook customer? If yes, please provide names.

7. Do you own a boat? If yes, what year, make, and model?

8. Do you have a dog? Indicate breed, size and quantity & age of all pets that would come to Shadybrook. Note: Pitbulls or any dog with pitbull cross are not permitted.

9. Any other comments?

Campers on the waitlist will be contacted in September/October if a site comes available that meets your needs. Keep in mind, the turnover at Shadybrook is very low so it is not uncommon to apply 2-3 times before getting a site. Please be persistent and patient!